Service Cloud Implementation

Personalized Customer Care for Your Customers

Salesforce Service Cloud Implementations to Personalize Customer Care

Salesforce Service Cloud gives your business the tools needed to deliver instantaneous and personalized customer support via phone, email, chat, and even SMS messaging. Before you can take full advantage of these tools, you’ll need Salesforce customized and implemented for the unique needs of your business.

As a trusted Salesforce partner, we can help your business solve critical challenges by implementing technology to best fit your needs. Our ‘process first’ approach ensures that the technology solution blends with your businesses’ processes in a streamlined, holistic implementation emphasizing what makes your business unique.

5 Key Benefits of a Successful Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

  1. Provide Great Customer Service to All Customers. Have a complete view of your customers by aligning sales, service, and marketing details all in one place.
  2. Connect with Customers How They Like to be Reached. Connect with your customers via their preferred method of communication whether through email, phone, or even SMS to make customers happy, faster.
  3. Monitor Cases and Contracts from the First Contact to Close. Have the information needed at your fingertips to optimize the effectiveness of communication touch-points with every customer interaction.
  4. Accelerate Productivity with Automated Workflows. Drive success faster with flexible assignments, case management approvals, and knowledge management centralization.
  5. Service Insights to Make Decisions Faster with Reporting & Analytics. Get the right data at the right time to make informed, actionable decisions to continue to provide the best customer care.

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Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation

Salesforce Service Cloud gives you the tools you need to deliver instantaneous and personalized support via phone, email, chat, and even SMS messaging. But as with Salesforce Sales Cloud, before you can take full advantage of these tools, they need to be configured and customized for your organization.

We go beyond implementing Salesforce Service Cloud but also work with your business to ensure the support, training, and visibility needed to ensure successful change management and adoption. We can help your business maximize the benefits from your investment in Salesforce solution.

Step 1 – Discovery

Every support request is an opportunity to enhance your relationship with your customers or generate additional revenue. During the discovery phase of your Salesforce Service Cloud implementation, we take time to understand your organization’s support process, understand the different channels your customers want to use to reach you, and the key metrics you want to use to measure success.

Step 2 – Build

Once we have gathered all requirements in the discovery phase, we start the Service Cloud implementation process. We have a collaborative approach to building applications, allowing the customer to be involved throughout the build process, and suggest changes if necessary.

Step 3 – Data Migration

Once the Salesforce customization has been completed, we start migrating customer information from legacy systems. We understand the importance of transferring important customer data, and we work diligently to ensure accurate and complete data migration from one system to another.

Step 4 – Training

Once your custom Salesforce Service Cloud solution is built, the data is migrated, and tested, we move on to training the end-user and administrators to ensure strong user adoption. We have on-site and remote training options to fit your business needs. We also offer ongoing support through our managed services offering to help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce.

Learn How Salesforce Service Cloud Keeps Customers Happy

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A few of the Salesforce-related services we provide to our customers:

Data Migration

25+ Consultant Certifications

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The team at EMZ Cloud Solutions has been terrific to work with on projects big and small, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is in their ability to respond to concerns, changes and service issue in a timely manner. EMZ also excels in their ability to truly understand the needs of the customer and also anticipate functionality that was not specifically requested. On one large project we worked on, EMZ made several helpful suggestions that were not originally scoped because they truly understood the needs of the project and the end-user and were able to meet those needs through the expert knowledge of what Salesforce is able to do.

KCRW started working with EMZ Cloud Solutions to improve and clean up an early prototype of the NGO starter pack that was in need of much updating. We have been working with the EMZ team for close to two years now, and they have been an integral part of our team, handling everything from development, CRM strategy, and day-to-day administration of our Salesforce org. We highly recommend them.

EMZ Cloud Solutions has been a great resource to us here at Mathnasium. They have provided extensive support in our CRM functionality, with focus on increased efficiency, and usability. They handle requests quickly, rather large or small, and assist us with great service and helpful advise. Their contribution to our success and our ability to better serve the children we help is significant.