What We Do

EMZ Cloud Solutions’ mission is to help businesses solve their toughest challenges with technology and business process automation. We are experts in implementing Salesforce and building custom business applications on the Lightning Platform for the unique needs of our customers.

Our Values

Excellence in what we do: we strive to deliver the best results possible for our customers by continuously staying up-to-date with the latest trends in information technology.

Dedicated to client’s success: the service we provide our customers helps them achieve their mission and stay focused on their goals. We do this by developing long-term relationships based on trust and open communication, and proactively approaching them with solutions that will improve their operations.

Our Leadership Team

“Our clients’ success is our success. We are proud to build the best partnerships through nurturing relationships daily so we can grow together.”

Yervand Yezeryan

Yervand leads a passionate team who help their clients grow and succeed in any way possible. In many ways, he challenges the team and the clients to understand what’s possible and sets the roadmap on how they’ll accomplish what they’ve set out to do together. With many clients as part of the EMZ family for 5+ years, the long-term commitment strengthens each day as he looks to build mutually beneficial relationships that last.

Yervand leads with technology and advocates for committed service based on trust. As much as he works to grow EMZ, he is just as passionate about working to grow his clients’ business as well. His humility comes from having seen businesses go from using sticky notes as a way to manage processes to automated business workflows that run smoothly.

Technology serves as a tool that Yervand and the team have years of experience partnering with clients across multiple industries. This in-depth expertise allows his team to continually help clients work smarter with Salesforce and other technologies. His commitment as a Salesforce partner for the long-term runs deep in his team and is experienced by every client they work with.

“Success without purpose is meaningless. When you see not only how much the client has grown but how fast they’ve grown, that brings meaning.”

Christina Ashley
Director of Operations

Christina leads with her passion for partnering with small to medium-sized businesses to realize the impact the right Salesforce partnership can make. From her own experience as a business partner, she understands running a business is hard enough without having to worry about implementing all the new technology that comes along. She leans into discovering ways to relieve the stress for businesses to allow them to focus on what they do best.

With 10+ years of consulting experience designing and implementing processes, Christina understands the benefits of bringing outside perspective and industry knowledge to find the best technology solution. Her expertise in advancing client growth comes from working with companies across multiple industries and sizes. She thinks at times it may take someone outside of the companies’ walls to help kick start new solutions outside-of-the-box.

Christina thrives in making the impossible, possible especially when it comes to what clients think is impossible. She believes the business just needs the right Salesforce partner who understands their challenges and who can develop the relationships to foster growth for the long-term. As an advocate for giving back to the community, she lends her expertise towards helping businesses realize noticeable success sooner rather than later.

“We take to heart the philosophy of the art of possible with our clients. We help open their minds, have an open dialogue, and discover the next layer of how they can grow as we partner with them throughout the process.”

Tom Ritter
Program and Portfolio Manager

Tom leads clients to move the line of where possibilities lie by working together to refine the voice and vision of success. He leads with commitment towards building a vision for clients of what’s possible beyond what they may recognize, setting the plan, and executing on it. His years of leading extensive programs in large automotive companies including leading complex, multi-million-dollar programs for global Fortune 500 organizations tie vision to impact.

Tom’s diverse experience sharpens his lens to see one level deeper than the client may see. He proactively recognizes potential gaps because this awareness is an important step in implementing the best systems and processes to mitigate those gaps. He works to set realistic expectations including in-depth discussions about successful change management with the client.

To Tom, the art of possible is like lego building blocks where it’s not only understanding how they fit together today, but how they can build the framework for future growth to be built upon. Known for developing strong partnerships with key stakeholders, he prepares clients for change not only in technology and process but how the team works successfully together within the new environment.

Giving Back to our Community

Giving back to our community has been part of EMZ Cloud Solutions since its very beginning, when it was a one-person shop. Today, our small group of Salesforce consultants and developers continue giving back to our community the best way we know how, by providing pro-bono Salesforce implementation services to local nonprofit organizations. Every year we collaborate with Taproot Foundation to deliver pro-bono Salesforce implementation to nonprofit organizations located in the Greater Los Angeles area. Organizations we have recently worked with include Animal Equality, Great Minds in STEM, and Southern California College Access Network.

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