What We Do

EMZ Cloud Solutions’ mission is to help businesses solve their toughest challenges with technology and business process automation. We are experts in implementing Salesforce and building custom business applications on the Lightning Platform for the unique needs of our customers.

Our Values

Excellence in what we do: we strive to deliver the best results possible for our customers by continuously staying up-to-date with the latest trends in information technology.

Dedicated to client’s success: the service we provide our customers helps them achieve their mission and stay focused on their goals. We do this by developing long-term relationships based on trust and open communication, and proactively approaching them with solutions that will improve their operations.

Giving Back to our Community

Giving back to our community has been part of EMZ Cloud Solutions since its very beginning, when it was a one-person shop. Today, our small group of Salesforce consultants and developers continue giving back to our community the best way we know how, by providing pro-bono Salesforce implementation services to local nonprofit organizations. Every year we collaborate with Taproot Foundation to deliver pro-bono Salesforce implementation to nonprofit organizations located in the Greater Los Angeles area. Organizations we have recently worked with include Animal Equality, Great Minds in STEM, and Southern California College Access Network.

Want to Speak to a Consultant?

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