Salesforce Implementation for Nonprofits

Our Salesforce implementation services for nonprofits include two options. We offer an NPSP Quick Start implementation package that help nonprofits quickly and effectively get up and running on Salesforce. NPSP is a managed package provided by that allows nonprofits to better manage their business processes.

We also build custom solutions on the Salesforce Enterprise edition based on your organization’s unique requirements. This option provides a lot more flexibility than customizing NPSP and is a better fit with mid-size or larger organizations that have processes which may not fit the NPSP model.

Membership Management with Salesforce

EMZ Cloud Solutions offers a powerful all-in-one Membership Management solution built on Salesforce. We bring the world’s #1 CRM into the hands of nonprofits, giving you the tools you need to get a 360-degree view of your members, and ensure your members can connect with you through every channel.

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7 Key Benefits of Salesforce for Nonprofit

  1. Access to comprehensive membership management. From the first contact and beyond, have a complete view of your members and their activities and involvement with your nonprofit.
  2. Provide end-to-end volunteer support. Keep a pulse on all your interested and current volunteers so your nonprofit can efficiently manage resources to help your cause.
  3. Manage a variety of programs and services. Manage the different types of programs or services your nonprofit offers to your community, regardless of complexity.
  4. Manage important donor relations and donations. Capture all donation gifts and donor details in one central location.
  5. Gain key fundraising insights. Understand the reach and impact of your fundraising efforts to make informed, actionable decisions on their effectiveness.
  6. Empower your team with knowledge. Provide your team access to key member and program details to stretch the limits of your social impact.
  7. Provide relevant communication to all constituents. Communicate with all constituents with a personalized touch by having a holistic view of their relationship with your nonprofit.

Learn more on how we can build powerful membership management for your nonprofit.

A few of the Salesforce-related services we provide to our customers:

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