Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementations to Close More Deals

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a comprehensive set of CRM features that help your business increase productivity and efficiency so you can find more customers quicker, sell faster, and close more deals. Before you can start closing deals though, you’ll need Salesforce customized and implemented for the unique needs of your business.

As a trusted Salesforce partner, we can help your business solve critical challenges by implementing technology to best fit your needs. Our ‘process first’ approach ensures that the technology solution blends with your businesses’ processes in a streamlined, holistic implementation emphasizing what makes your business unique.

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5 Key Benefits of a Successful Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

  1. Close More Deals with Complete Digital Contact Management. Have a complete view of your customers’ profile including activities, communications, and key contacts within the organization.
  2. Powerful Lead Management with Automated Follow-up. Manage and nurture leads with dynamic automated follow-up to proactively turn quality leads into clients with flexible assignments, approvals, discounts, and expenses.
  3. Integration with Leading Marketing Automation Tools. Integrate your solution seamlessly with leading marketing automation tools to take advantage of a full suite of marketing features to reach potential clients.
  4. Stay Connected to Deals at Different Stages of the Opportunity. Have a pulse on the progress, updates, and hold-ups of any deal so your team can best work through the next steps to closing.
  5. Get Sales Insights to Make Decisions Faster with Reporting and Analytics. Have the right data at the right time to make informed, actionable decisions to accelerate productivity and close more deals.

Our Approach to Sales Cloud Implementation

Sales Cloud gives you a comprehensive set of CRM features that help you increase productivity and efficiency so you can sell faster and close more deals. But before you can start closing deals, you need Salesforce customized and implemented for the unique needs of your business. Our Process for implementing Sales Cloud includes discovery, build, data migration, and training.

We go beyond implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and work with your business to ensure the support, training, and visibility needed to ensure successful change management and adoption. We can help your business maximize the benefits from your investment in Salesforce solution.

Step 1 – Discovery

Before we start tailoring Salesforce Sales Cloud for your business, we take time to review your organization’s vision, pain points, goals, and priorities. Understanding the desired outcomes your organization looks to gain from Salesforce helps our team make key decisions during the setup process from the level of customizations needed to reporting requirements.

Step 2 – Build

Once we have gathered all requirements in step one, we start the Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation process. We have a collaborative approach to building applications with our customers, encouraging them to be involved throughout the build process, and suggest changes and improvements if necessary.

Step 3 – Data Migration

Once the Salesforce customization has been completed, we start migrating customer information from legacy systems. We understand the importance of transferring important customer data, and we work diligently to ensure accurate and complete data migration from one system to another.

Step 4 – Training

Once your custom Salesforce Sales Cloud solution is built, the data is migrated, and tested, we move on to training the end-user and administrators to ensure strong user adoption. We have on-site and remote training options to fit your business needs. We also offer ongoing support through our managed services offering to help you get the most out of your investment in Salesforce.

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