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Managing legal cases from start to finish is complex enough without worrying about the technology on how to effectively manage key case and client details along the way. Your growing law firm wants to realize the benefits of a completely digital intake process, smarter lead-management automation, and integration to key marketing tools to name a few.

EMZ Cloud Solutions is an expert in implementing and customizing Salesforce CRM for legal clients. We provide a strategic partnership to lead your business through your digital transformation through technology advisory, change management, custom CRM integrations, and other phases. Guided by the belief in making technology work smarter for businesses, we help achieve your strategic vision, improve business outcomes, and increase the value of your investment.

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Meet a few of the law firms who trust us with tailoring their Salesforce for CRM legal solution to meet their case management needs.

7 Key Benefits of Salesforce CRM for Legal

  1. Complete Digitization and Control of your Intake Process. Access to an end-to-end client management solution from start to finish from the first client contact to the final case closure.
  2. Powerful Lead Management with Automated Follow-up. Manage and nurture leads with dynamic automated follow-up to proactively turn quality leads into clients.
  3. Insightful Reporting and Analytics. Get the right data insights from self-service reports and analytics to make informed, actionable decisions to help your clients move forward faster.
  4. Integration with Leading Marketing Automation Tools. Integrate your solution seamlessly with leading marketing automation tools to take advantage of a full suite of marketing features to reach potential clients.
  5. Robust and Customizable Case Management that Fits the Needs of Every Type of Legal Firm. Realize the benefits of a flexible and scalable solution tailored to meet the needs of your distinct firm.
  6. Branded Portal Access to Customers and Partners. Provide your customers and partners access to a branded portal custom-built for your firm to collaborate and work together.
  7. Mobile Access Tailored to Specific Roles within the Firm. Provide the right people, the right access through convenient and secure mobile access.

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