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Salesforce CRM for Automotive

Powerful Customer Management For Your Dealership

As competition in the auto industry grows more intense, companies that integrate an omnichannel strategy centered around their customers will stand out from and stay ahead of the competition. Whether your customer is shopping from a desktop, mobile, or in-store, an omnichannel strategy provides the customer with an integrated, cohesive, and smooth car buying experience.

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7 Key Benefits of Salesforce CRM for Automotive

  1. Provide a cohesive car buying experience to customers. From the first contact to close, your dealership can build a strong relationship with customers through accessible and complete customer activity.
  2. Access a complete view of potential customers' profiles. Get a 360-degree customer profile view from multiple sources including walk-ins, websites, and third-party sources.
  3. Stay connected with communication throughout the buying process. Keep a pulse on the progress and updates of all car purchasing opportunities so your team can work through the next steps to closing.
  4. Manage vehicle quotes and offers seamlessly. Provide secure and reliable workflow automations to manage all vehicle quotes and offers.
  5. Maintain a complete view of dealership activity history. Customize multiple views to manage the day-to-day business including organizing reports by vehicle, by sales rep, or by region.
  6. Gain case insights on marketing campaigns to make decisions faster.Get the right data at the right time to make informed, actionable decisions on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and see their true impact.
  7. Track performance against business goals. See trends towards key metrics including sales funnels performance, customer traffic trends, inventory levels, and more.

Salesforce CRM for Online Education

End-to-End Online Education Management For Your Institution

Managing an online education institution is complex enough without worrying about the technology on how to manage key touchpoints among students, teachers, and staff along the way. Your institution needs a smarter solution to enhance the online learning experience from recruitment and admissions to course delivery and alumni engagement. Provide your students an immersed, connected learning experience transformed through the right technology.

EMZ Cloud Solutions is an expert in implementing and customizing Salesforce CRM for online education institutions. We provide a strategic partnership to lead your business through your digital transformation through technology advisory, change management, custom CRM integrations, and other phases. Guided by the belief in making technology work smarter for businesses, we help achieve your strategic vision, improve business outcomes, and increase the value of your investment.

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7 Key Benefits of Salesforce for Online Education

  1. Access to a 360-degree view of the entire student lifecycle. From the first contact in recruitment and beyond in alumni relations, have a complete view of your students.
  2. Keep students, teachers, and staff connected. Strengthen connections through personalized communication and touchpoints with the student at the center.
  3. Manage a variety of courses and class offerings. Manage the different types of courses and class offerings your institutions offer to your students, regardless of complexity.
  4. Manage important donor relations and donations. Capture all donation gifts and donor details in one central location.
  5. Gain key fundraising insights. Understand the reach and impact of your fundraising efforts to make informed, actionable decisions on their effectiveness.
  6. Empower your institution with knowledge. Provide your institution access to student and program details to stretch the limits of your educational impact.
  7. Provide relevant communication to all constituents. Communicate with all constituents with a personalized touch by having a holistic view of their relationship with your institution.

25+ Consultant Certifications

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The team at EMZ Cloud Solutions has been terrific to work with on projects big and small, the biggest difference I’ve noticed is in their ability to respond to concerns, changes and service issue in a timely manner. EMZ also excels in their ability to truly understand the needs of the customer and also anticipate functionality that was not specifically requested. On one large project we worked on, EMZ made several helpful suggestions that were not originally scoped because they truly understood the needs of the project and the end-user and were able to meet those needs through the expert knowledge of what Salesforce is able to do.

KCRW started working with EMZ Cloud Solutions to improve and clean up an early prototype of the NGO starter pack that was in need of much updating. We have been working with the EMZ team for close to two years now, and they have been an integral part of our team, handling everything from development, CRM strategy, and day-to-day administration of our Salesforce org. We highly recommend them.

EMZ Cloud Solutions has been a great resource to us here at Mathnasium. They have provided extensive support in our CRM functionality, with focus on increased efficiency, and usability. They handle requests quickly, rather large or small, and assist us with great service and helpful advise. Their contribution to our success and our ability to better serve the children we help is significant.